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Week I Quarantine Art

Here are some of the artworks I have made while on the coronavirus lockdown last week in Los Angeles!

I made a #drawthisinyourstyle piece for fun. I think I will be making more of them---it's nice to just follow along someone else's lovely design. What a great idea for a challenge!

The next piece, I drew the wonderful Cathy Hay. I follow her on instagram and Youtube.

In the effort to continue to experiment with styles, I painted a cozy scene containing a few of my favorite thing. I’ve also almost finished reading “Outlander” and it’s SO 👏 GOOD 👏 It has all of my favorite things and the writing is really smart and well-researched, it’s been extremely satisfying to escape into. I’d like to tackle the tv show one day, when I’m not crying at how good the book is!!


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