Asics Footwear Commercial

Produced by Starburns Industries, this commercial for Asics

was to promote Bonnaroo's annual Roo Run (sponsored by Asics). As the Key Artist, I drew the final storyboards, the character key shots, assisted with between shots, and designed the characters. Since the commercial would be viewed on social media and mobile devices, it was important to keep all main actions within the red frame.

Following a whimsical theme with quirky characters and an uplifting story, this project was a dream job with the Starburns team!

A few of the more than 40 key shots I drew for the commercial. Some scenes were removed as the story was tweaked while project developed.

Main characters

Background characters


Miskatonic High Comic Issue #5 Variant Cover

      For the spooky comic series Miskatonic High 's fifth issue, I illustrated one of the variant covers featured in their Kickstarter campaign in several of their reward tiers. 

" This is such a gorgeous cover. I've had a few people say they were going to back us at a lesser tier but upped it just to get this stunning cover. Amazing work!" 

                             -Mike Shea, writer of Miskatonic High

Concept sketch

 Illustration without title

Final Products


Final Version

      For Chantel C. Lucier's new book, Something New Every Day, I had the pleasure of designing the cover art and interior artwork. The idea was to create a whimsical scene incorporating elements from the daily prompts in the book.

Concept sketches for the cover

Concept sketches for interior's journal page design

      For Chantel C. Lucier's second book, Something New Every Day: Transformative Daily Self-Care Practices, I also designed the cover and interior artwork, continuing the central idea of a whimsical scene incorporating elements from the daily prompts in the book. 

Concept sketch


Cover for NALC's December Journal

 For the National Association of Letter Carriers, this cover was based on a heartwarming, true story about a woman fulfilling her dream of being a postwoman. 

Concept sketches

Final article


Sticker Design for Strike Fly Co.

Strike Fly Co. needed a fly flishing-themed illustration, that included their dog, to print as a sticker. As someone who loves dogs and the outdoors, this was the perfect assignment. 

Concept sketches


Editorial Illustrations for Backstage Magazine 

For Backstage Magazine's informative guide to becoming an actor in LA. I see the Hollywood sign every day so this was very appropriate. I also made a speedpaint video of how I digitally colored it.

Concept sketches

For Backstage Magazine's guide to becoming a Bollywood Actor or Actress. The assignment stressed cultural awareness and the need to clearly read as a Bollywood scene. As a Bollywood fan myself, this was a lot of fun. 

Concept sketches


Other Work

Commissioned work

Commissioned event poster 

Hip hop album cover

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