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Animation Practice

Using Procreate on the iPad Pro, I've been practicing my animation skills, including with this newsletter promotional animation and the “Spring Festival” illustration.

I actually drew it 10 years ago! It was fun to revisit in and add life to it. I wanted to color it more but I’m still too new at handling so many damn layers—-the different color layers don’t even match sometimes to their respective lineart layers, for example. No matter how many hours I put it cleaning them up to match, there are still spots I miss apparently. I’m sure in actual animation there’s a more efficient workflow, such as using fancy alpha layers...It’s a little overwhelming so I’m tackling this medium little by little and accepting a certain amount of mistakes for the sake of practice.

Being able to animate my drawings has always been a dream for me—-it really does breathe more life into them and tell a more exciting visual story. I’m making sure to have fun, despite how time-consuming it is!


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