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It's 1412 in France, and a village is massacred by the invading English forces. As the only survivor, Alys is determined to get revenge and joins the local brotherhood of knights---whether Lord Alan likes it or not. But before she can fight the English, she must live in their moldy castle as a knight--a life of tournaments, castle sieges, courtly affairs, and brutal combat. Plunged into the heart of France's tumultuous politics, Alys will have to reconsider who and what she is truly fighting for.

Girl-Knight is in the works as an indie graphic novel.

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Four kings have consecutively died from freak accidents or unfortunate circumstances and the control of the kingdom of Dammo'dara now falls on a weird girl, Isabel, whom no was even sure existed but was the next in line. Having spent her sixteen years of life in a secluded castle full of books, she must now take control of her grumpy advisory council, tactfully calm the fires of revolution, and, to most of her disdain, learn to like the court crumpets. 


This quirky story of the odd-girl-out gaining the trust of a kingdom, while fighting an annoying crush on her arch nemesis, is a YA fantasy novel in the works.




An original project intended to be pitched as a whimsical animated series that explores the paranormal around the world in the Victorian age.

I storyboarded a scene, check it out here.

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