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Shop Update

I'm so happy to announce that my art shop's packaging is now mostly environment-friendly!

Using paper sleeves, cardboard envelopes, and paper tape, all shop orders will be shipped with biodegradable, recyclable materials.

I know plastic sleeves are the go-to for art prints so replacing them with paper sleeves might not be favored by some art lovers/potential customers, but I honestly believe that appreciating art should not come at a cost to the planet--it's just so easy to be a little more mindful about our plastic footprints.

I also say "mostly" environment-friendly, because the only exception are the sticker labels. Although I do plan on replacing them with compostable labels, I still have quite amount left to use and it would be unethical to just throw them away unused.

If you have any other ideas for improving business practices please message me as I am always open to learn more ways for my small business to be more environmentally-responsible.

Support your local artist that cares about our planet!


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