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Camp NaNoWriMo | Week 2

Well....week 2 was rough. Here's a graph from my camp nano page to illustrate just how much progress was made on my novel:

I call what is circled The Plateau of Shame, as I completely stopped my progress after Tuesday. Other projects and the fact that I wasn't home enough affected my ability to sit at my desk to write. Here's a breakdown of the week:

Monday: I put in about 1,000 words in the morning.

Tuesday: I attended Kate Cavanaugh's Patreon Livestream and used that time to write another thousand words.

Wednesday: went to a Barnes & Noble before meeting up with some friends for dinner and managed to get some words down on a notepad, but then I had to stop because the next few scenes required that I referenced my zero draft binder, which I had not taken with me. I think I only got 250 words in that evening. It's a rough contrast writing at home to writing in a very noisy and exposed store. I might not do that again just because focusing was a challenge. The plateau begins!

Thursday: I had to pull an all-nighter for a freelance project so no words were written.

Friday: I went to the East LA Library to do some writing and managed to write SIXTY pitiful words that hour. The scene itself was a challenge and it severely slowed me down. It's an important scene and I'm slow to tackle it. But being that I was in a library, I browsed the YA Fantasy section and took out Jessica Leake's Beyond a Darkened Shore to keep my inspired--especially after this challenging scene.

Saturday & Sunday: I'm generally too buy on weekends on plan any kind of creative work, but at least I got to finish the book, and boy was it good!

So that's how week 2 has gone for me so far. Not ideal progress but I'm not going to be too hard on myself. The infamous nanowrimo middle slump is here and I'll do my best!


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