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Book Cover Art Services

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As a bibliophile and illustrator, I too enjoy a good book cover and understand the unique components of their visual language. Covers, like the stories inside them, have the power to instantly absorb you.

I like book covers that summarize the feeling of the story, are pleasing to look at, and entice the reader to open its pages. 

For the past couple of years I've had the pleasure of working with indie authors to create illustrated covers for their beloved books with my colorful, sometimes whimsical, style. Not only do I enjoy collaborating with a fellow independent creator, but I also enjoy getting to know their story and assisting them with accomplishing their dream project. 

Genres I enjoy working in are in the realm of fantasy, science-fiction,  young adult, new adult, and any cozy fiction. If you are in need of giving your novel a special and unique cover, feel free to reach out to me at for a quote. As an indie creator myself, I understand financial constraints one might have---I am open to negotiating, just let me know your budget. 

What's Included

  • eBook Cover 

  • Full Print Cover (wrap-around layout)

  • Audio Cover

  • 3D book render

+$500 cover includes: 

  • Interior artwork (optional)

  • Social media ad banners

  • Animations (i.e. sparkle effects, simple illustrated animations)


How it Works

Contact Me

Contact me at with your budget, description of your book, and any ideas you might already​ have for the cover. The more information, including attaching references, the better!


Cover Art Process Summary.png

After enough information about your book is gathered, I make initial sketches for you to approve or send back notes, and a final sketch is made


Example of a final sketch

Example of initial sketches


In the finalizing stage, I dive into creating your cover and we can go through 3 rounds of revisions at no extra cost. Depending on the complexity of the piece and the speed of feedback, this stage typically takes two weeks----a rush option is available if you have a tight deadline.

SNED Full Cover.png

Final full print cover layout

Final Payment


I accept payments via Paypal or Venmo. Upon signing our agreement, 50% is due. The rest is due upon receiving all of the files agreed upon, within a 15-day window. If anything comes up in the future---you need some new adjustments, a banner, or you're considering selling merchandise of the cover art for promotional purposes, I'm always available to assist!

Examples of my Work

My full portfolio is available here, but below are some pieces that would be considered cover-worthy and what you might expect from me. Feel free to contact me at with any questions. 


Let's work together! 

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