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Vlog: Making a Steampunk Illustration [Part 1]

New vlog is up called Making a Steampunk Illustration [Part 1]. I go over the thought process of deciding on the composition, how I designed all of the airships and characters, and ultimately how I drew the entire piece, it’s packed with content! 📺 Part 2 will go over how I end up coloring this and the final touches, it will be out next Saturday. You can find my YouTube channel in the link in my bio. This was a beast of a video to edit, not only did I keep having issues with the editing software, but there were so many hours of footage to work with that it got more and more difficult to keep track of everything, but I learned so much!! I’m developing a process and having so much fun vlogging. If you watch my videos you’ll definitely see me improve, lol.


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